Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Seabirding the High Seas - 23 May 2023

 Our eBird Trip report can be found here:

You should be able to click on the "photos" tab at the top to see the collected images from the day. It was an epic day out there with strong Gulf Stream current and strong winds!! Truly a Seabirding Adventure! Here are a few images I captured today, thanks to everyone who joined us out there - you all earned your merit as seaworthy seabirders (yes, even if you were sick!!). ~Kate Sutherland

Long-tailed Jaeger was new for the spring! We had at least three adult individuals
Audubon's were actually super cooperative given the breezy conditions
We had some non molting Band-rumped Storm-Petrels
And a couple of molting individuals
We had some nice light Black-caps
And some darker individuals...
They were not happy about the jaegers...
Sooty Shearwater and the texture of the sea
Wilson's Storm-Petrel
Leach's also showing off some sea texture....
Leach's Storm-Petrel showing all of the identification characteristics
And just one more wave shot because I love pictures of waves and water, as you know if you follow this blog regularly!

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