Friday, June 2, 2023

Euro and a Red-billed Tropicbird! 2 June 2023

Another good, spring day out there even if it feels like March! We still have some north wind here...!
Red-billed Tropicbird on the shelf in the morning and then a brief encounter with a European Storm-Petrel in the afternoon - what more could we ask for?? Really awesome looks at Leach's and Band-rumped Storm-Petrels in addition to our Wilson's? And high diversity of flyingfishes?? Yes - all of that too.

Our trip report can be found at this link:

Remember to hit the photos tab for those! In the meantime, here are a few from today by myself (Kate) and Steve Howell. Thanks to Steve and Liam Waters for helping us lead the trip today!!

Red-billed Tropicbird!! (K. Sutherland)
And the Euro - a record shot since it was not really very cooperative... (K. Sutherland)
Today a great flyingfish show, with numerous immature stages such as Sargassum Midget, Purple Bandwing, plus lots of larger fish whose field ID remains vexed - Steve Howell
And one of the Roseate Terns we saw was even catching some fliers!! Steve captured this awesome image!
A couple of birds diving to feed on our chum - Great Shearwater and Wilson's Storm-Petrel (Kate Sutherland)

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