Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Masked Booby 6/11 Brown Booby 6/12

Brian had fishing trips yesterday & today and saw a Masked Booby yesterday then a Brown Booby today!  Both were seen in less that 200 feet of water along some nicely organized lines of Sargassum!  A cooperative pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins came in and rode the bow for about 10 minutes yesterday.  While the fishing was slow both days, shearwaters were around, and Wilson's Storm-Petrels were seen all the way inshore to Hatteras Inlet today.  Cory's, Great, and Audubon's Shearwaters were present in larger numbers than we saw over the weekend, exciting, but unfortunately our next scheduled trip is not until July 7!

Brian snapped these photos of the boobies...
Masked Booby June 11, 2012
 Brown Booby June 12, 2012

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