Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photos July 19, 20, & 21

Here are some photos from last weekend!

Fea's Petrel July 20 trip (photo George Armistead)
 Fea's Petrel, same individual as above (photo Kyle Kittelberger) 
an intermediate Black-capped Petrel (photo Kate Sutherland)
Kyle taking a photo of the only Great Shearwater we had close to the boat (photo Brian Patteson)
Great Shearwater (photo Kyle Kittelberger)
excellent shot of Band-rumped Storm-Petrel from Friday's trip (photo George Armistead)
photo of a Band-rumped Storm-Petrel from Saturday's trip (photo Kate Sutherland)
and just to show how tough the light was on Sunday morning - another Band-rumped Storm-Petrel shot (photo Kate Sutherland)
 Wilson's Storm-Petrels feeding in the slick (photo Kate Sutherland)
 Adult Bridled Tern from Sunday July 21 (photos Kate Sutherland)
& two awesome shots by Kyle Kittelberger from Friday July 19
our Sperm Whale -
 Loggerhead Turtle - not visible: it's attendant school of fish!!
I did take some GoPro video of the Sperm Whale underwater (not the best, but you can tell what it is...), so two clips are posted on our YouTube page - links are here: 

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