Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring 2011 Photo Gallery - SNGH

As May 19 and the beginning of our 2012 Spring Season nears, we thought it would be a good time to post some photos from last year's Spring Blitz.  Thank you to Steve N. G. Howell for putting together the following photos to share!  We hope to post daily reports again this spring.

Black-capped Petrel & Fea's Petrel

Fea's Petrel; we saw six last spring

Our Gulf Stream specialty, the Black-capped Petrel

ventral view

juvenile Black-capped Petrel, a rare sighting!

Cory's Shearwater;  seen on each trip, but not in the numbers often found later in the summer

Great Shearwaters started showing up in early June

Great Shearwater

Sooty Shearwaters were seen daily on the first few trips

Audubon's Shearwaters did not seem to be as numerous in recent years

A Great Shearwater with some Wilson's Storm-Petrels in the slick

Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Wilson's Storm-Petrels with a Leach's Storm-Petrel

Band-rumped Storm-Petrel, not molting

juvenile Band-rumped Storm-Petrel

White-tailed Tropicbirds were seen on 5 spring trips!

A young Red-billed Tropicbird was seen on June 5

Masked Booby (June 1)

This first winter Glaucous Gull was at the dock as we departed on May 21!

Bridled Terns are often common in the summer months, but we did see a handful in the spring.

Roseate Tern that followed us on June 1

Common Tern

Arctic Tern

Black-skimmers are usually seen while motoring out to the inlet...

South Polar Skua;  we had six last spring

South Polar Skua

1st summer Pomarine Jaeger

Gervais Beaked Whale

We encountered cooperative groups of False Killer Whales on May 29 & June 6

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins were seen on 5 of the spring 2011 trips

The extremely photogenic flying fish of the Gulf Stream and its' eddies:

Portuguese Man-of-War

& some Mahi mahi for dinner...

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